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The Perfect Time for Removing 3M Carbon Fiber


The first time you installed a 3M carbon fiber, you might not be thinking of removing it ever but eventually, you like to try a new vinyl or pattern or it gets damaged overtime. Such are known to last for a decade when used on areas inside but for cars and several other items that are used outside, its life can only last for around 5 years.


3M carbon fiber has this grooved adhesive design that when it's properly applied, it helps in removing the air bubbles to give it a professional look. It additionally reduces the odds of vinyl lifting or even peeling after the installation. With this kind of design, it lets the vinyl to tightly cling to the surface but still, it is possible to remove it without much hassle. As a matter of fact, the process of removing the film is as vital as installing it. The reason for this is that, there are techniques that can make the process become smoothly without causing damage to the car's surface.


When it comes to removing the vinyl to the car, you have to prevent damaging the object underneath the vinyl. When you are working with big areas, it is less challenging to cut the vinyl prior to removing it. With this, the material becomes easier to peel off. With a sharp razor knife, use it to cut into the vinyl but don't put too much pressure. You just need to crease the film by making a shallow cut. Pressing too hard on it and it'll go through it, damaging the object underneath it, check it out!


By using heat to warm the surface, it will make your work easier as well in peeling off the vinyl. You may do this by making use of either a hair dryer or heat gun but you do not like to overheat the area. The idea here is to warm the carbon fiber film so it'll become more flexible and the adhesive will loosen up so it can be peeled without tearing and ripping. Overheating it can make it more difficult to work with as it'll be so soft and will not easily peel off.


As soon as you've removed the carbon fiber vinyl, you now have to clean adhesive residues off the surface. There are several products that you can use here to clean the adhesive without damaging the paint. After removing the adhesive, use a mild soap and water to wash the area or simply wipe it using a damp cloth.